Arrangements for Loans

All staff and students must obtain a borrowers card from the circulation section of the library . The cards must be produced at the help desk for any loans that may be requested. It may also be noted that cards are non transferable and card holder shall be responsible for all items borrowed against the card

Circulation and help Desk

No. of Loans Admissible to various categories of member.
Post Graduate Students7 for 15 days
Under Graduate Students4 for 15 days
Faculty10 for 30 days or a Semester
Officers5 for 30 days
Other Staff2 for 15 days
Research fellow5 for 15 days
Teaching Assist5 for 15 days

In order to obtain the card all staff and students are required to complete a registration form which is available at the help desk . Overdue charges at the rate of 0.50 Paisa shall be charged on each item/ learning resource kept beyond the period of loan. Reading materials can renewed for further period if not required by other readers. All users will have to return all items loaned on or before the due date . Journals , reference books and e-recourses are to be used in the library only and may not be borrowed. Users will have to pay the replacement cost of any item borrowed which is lost , stolen or damaged.