World e-book Library

World e-book library is founded in 1996 and is a shared digital library provides access to digital content to the College / University Users. It is a branch of world public library, an IRC 501 (C ) (4) organization, organized not- for- profit but operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare.
The e-Book library portal at University /College consists of the following resources:
eBooks & Resources Reference Collection
Audio booksEducational resources
Academic articlesClassic literature collection
Technical Manuals Springer

Site Portal Link: http://Community.WorldLibrary.In/?AffiliateKey= (for key number Contact Library) The Access is activated till September 2017. University /College Users may access the information through URL Link sent to them via email. How to Tutorial on the website will help the users to download the desired information resources. Users may get the access link from library notice board or contact to the library.